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Goal:  $750,000

We’ve begun!

We are thrilled to share that the dream of building a beautiful synagogue and a historic Jewish Community Center in the heart of Flagstaff is well underway. The exhilarating pace of development is, without a doubt, all thanks to your generosity.

A timely update: As this massive undertaking gains momentum, we’ve been given an incredible opportunity to take a quantum leap toward the finish line.

Here is the offer: Mike and Carmen Blank, who have already been so generous, shared that the Molly Blank Fund is ready to match an additional $750k to build the Flagstaff Chabad center. We are grateful beyond words, and confident that we can pull together once again to make this happen.

The key word in this gift is “match.” Together as a community we need to raise $750,000 to make this gift a reality.

Imagine the feeling of joy and pride at the grand opening. We can already hear the sound of children laughing as they pour into our new center. Can you?

You’ve brought us this far. Let’s join hands to reach the finish line—for us and for all future generations.

Click Here if you would like to donate one of the 16 remaining rooms in memory of a loved one.

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We Thank Our Recent Partners
Bruce & Barbara Goldberg
Brandon Lurie
Cecelia Lynn
Harrison Hansen Johns Family
The Ridley Family
Noa ter Horst
In honor of my dear friend Rivkah Chaya Tovah
Marlene Joshua